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Turnkey interior design
Turnkey interiors refer to a comprehensive approach to interior design and execution, Terazzo takes care of all aspects of the interior design project, from concept development to final installation. It involves providing a complete package that includes design, procurement of materials and furnishings, construction or renovation, installation, and project management.
Here are the key steps involved in Terazzo turnkey designs
Initial Consultation
Terazzo meets with the client to understand the requirements, budget, and timeline for the project.
Design Concept Development
Based on the your preferences and requirements, Terazzo creates a design concept that includes layout plans, color schemes, material selections, furniture choices, and lighting designs.
Material Selection and Procurement
Terazzo takes care of sourcing and procuring all the necessary materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment for the project. We ensure quality, budget compliance, and timely delivery of materials.
Construction and Renovation
Terazzo manages the construction and renovation work. This includes coordinating with contractors, supervising the work, and ensuring that it aligns with the design concept.
Installation and Finishing
Once the construction work is complete, Terazzo handles the installation of furniture, fixtures, and accessories. We also take care of final finishing touches and detailing.
Project Management
Throughout the entire process, Terazzo manages the project, ensuring that it stays on track, meets deadlines, and stays within the agreed budget. We act as a single point of contact for the client, coordinating with various stakeholders and overseeing the entire project.
By offering a comprehensive and hassle-free approach, Terazzo provide you with a seamless experience, as you can rely on Terazzo to handle all aspects of their interior design project.
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