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Laminate kitchens are a popular kitchen style choice as they are inexpensive and available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Laminate kitchens are easy to clean and are both scratch and stain resistant. Laminate has been available for many years, the finish and colour options have increased extensively over the years and due to technological advances, they are now extremely durable.
Acrylic - Scratch Resistant
Estilo is the new high gloss acrylic finished shutter range which provides a superior appearance compared with laminates, paint or vinyl. Estilo provides a deep high gloss colour without ripples which makes it the only choice for designers and architects. Acrylic is technologically advanced and is manufactured using state of the art extrusion process that delivers a quality that leads the industry. Special feature of our Acrylic-Estilo range is zero glue line on the edges. The edges look seamless as edgeband is not visible so it gives a very neat and dirt free look.
Acrylic - Antiscratch
Estilo Antiscratch is our latest addition for meeting the market needs of currently popularising anti-scratch acrylic. A Premium option for a high-end kitchen. This is also available in seamless finish just like our other acrylic range.
Kristall Acryglass collection reproduces glass in its shine and reflection. Its production process is specifically developed in order to give maximum colour depth and wide range of shades. The choice of using acrylic instead of regular glass is due to one of the main issues that Kitchen sellers face when they work with glass panels, the high possibility of break and the need of specific tools for drilling.
Solid wood

Solidwood shutters are both traditional and elegant. Our solidwood shutters have strong construction and finely crafted designs ideal for desiging different kitchen styles. We offer several styles of interior solid shutters in both raised and flat panel designs, providing mainly in two types of woods:- Oak & Teak.

Paracasa launches ‘no-finger-mark’, smooth and satin finish range of shutters. Say goodbye to fingerprint, water marks and scratches. This special property prevents the appearance of fingerprints on the surfaces and significantly limits the cleaning effort. Suitable for kitchens, wardrobes, bath vanities, partition walls, worktops, tabletops, and desktops .

Porcelain or Ceramic tiles are the latest introductions in the kitchen segment. We are using 3mm tiles pasted over plywood or with aluminum profiles which can be used in any kitchen or wardrobe frontals.

Vetro is a unique glass coated panel for kitchen and furniture surfaces. You can use it for cabinet fronts, drawer fronts and side panels. Paracasa vetro has an appealing look and superior quality that makes it the ideal surface for your next project.

PU LACQUER: Available in a wide range of colours, compromising of board (MDF or Marine ply) coated in polyester or polyurethane lacquer. The lacquer available in matt, gloss or metallic version.

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