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“We believe that every space is an opportunity for creativity and personal expression."

Terazzo Flooring Facts

This page was created as a quick reference to some of the most frequently asked questions about Terazzo. Please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered here.
What makes Terazzo unique or better than other laminate flooring brands?
The main difference between Terazzo products and other laminate flooring brands is QUALITY. We offer superior products at every price point, so you can rest assured your new floor will look fabulous for years to come. We also offer one of the widest selections of the designs available in laminate flooring today
What are the benefits of Terazzo?
Great looks that stay great looking for years and years, low maintenance and easy installation. The main advantage is that Terazzo can be re-laid with minimum wastage. Terazzo can be installed directly over almost any existing hard surface flooring material. It requires far less sub floor preparation than vinyl, ceramic or natural wood which helps reduce installation time, labor and cost.
Where can Terazzo are installed?
Pretty much wherever you want to install it. We do advise caution in areas where the floor may be subjected to large amounts of water and do not recommend installing Terazzo in rooms with floor drains.
What are the differences between high pressure laminate, direct pressure laminate and continuous multi-layer laminate?
The main difference is the pressure under which the laminate is manufactured. High pressure laminates are typically manufactured using 1400 pounds-per-square inch of pressure while direct pressure products are manufactured using 300-500 pounds-per-square inch of pressure. The advantages of high pressure laminate include better wear and impact resistance as well as better design clarity. Continuous multi-layer laminate contains Kraft papers like HPL, but is not manufactured at the same temperatures and pressures as HPL. It is produced on a continuous press and is more impact resistant than direct pressure laminate (DPL) because of the Kraft papers, but lacks the resin flow which provides superior clarify of design in HPL.
What are the advantages of Tap-N-Lock glueless installation technology?
Now available in all Terazzo products, Tap-N-Lock is an exclusive installation system that offers fast, versatile installation every time. Installers and homeowners alike are attracted to Tap-N-Lock’s direct benefits — there’s no need to apply glue, nor are there cleanup or residue issues to deal with after the fact.
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